Volunteer With Us


Thank you for your interest in volunteering with us at the South Franklin Community Center, we are excited to work with you!

Here at the SFCC, we offer a variety of volunteer opportunities. With the current COVID restrictions, we are working on modifying our classes to make them available to community members who want to participate both in-person and remotely. Many of our programs are based on the skills and interests of the volunteers; for example, we have hosted drumming lessons and dance classes in the past. Please let us know if you are willing to teach something unique to the South Franklin Community.

Our standard programs include music lessons, computer class, cultural adaptation, and Homework Help.

To volunteer, please fill out this form:

  Adult Martial Arts (Sat 10 AM) (Filled)

  Building Maintenance

  Children's Choir (Mon 4 PM) (Filled)

  Children's Martial Arts (Sat 9:30-10 AM) (Filled)

  Children’s Martial Arts (Sat 9-9:30 AM) (Filled)

  Community Café (First Friday of every month 7 PM)

  Create Better Health- English (Mon 5 PM)

  Create Better Health- Spanish (Mon 6 PM) (Filled)

  Cultural Adaptation (Thurs 6 PM)

  Dance Folklorica (Fri 5 PM) Ages 12-18 (Filled)

  Dance Folklorica (Wed 5 PM) Ages 5-11 (Filled)

  Digital Inclusion/Computer Class (Tues 6 PM)

  Digital Inclusion/Computer Class (Tues 7 PM)

  Digital Inclusion/Computer Class-Springville Location (Mon 6 PM)

  Family Art Class (Fri 4 PM)

  Kindermusik (Tues 3:30 PM) (Filled)

  Kindermusik (Tues 4:30 PM) (Filled)

  Language Exchange (Thurs 7 PM)

  Literacy I (Tues 6 PM, Grades 2-6) (Not Available)

  Literacy II (Thurs 6 PM, Grades K-7) (Not Available)

  Other (Filled)

  Playgroup (Fri 10 AM) (Not Available)

  Private Music Lessons-Piano, Guitar, or Violin (Monday-Friday Afternoons or Nights) (Filled)

  Readeo Homework Help (Tues 6 PM)

  Reading Club (Thurs 5 PM)

  Soccer (Fri 5 PM)

  STEM (Wed 6 PM)

  Storytelling (Tues 11 AM)

  UVU Tutoring (Mon-Fri 3:30-5:30) (Not Available)

  Zumba (Mon Wed 7 PM) (Filled)

  Zumba (Mon, Wed, Thurs 10AM & Tues, Fri 9 AM) (Filled)


  BYU Student (not with YServe)

  BYU YServe

  Gail Halvorsen Foundation

  Nu Skin Force For Good

  Other Foundation

  Provo Resident

  Religious Organization

  RMU Student

  Utah County Resident

  UVU Student

COVID-19 Volunteer Agreement

Dear volunteers:

Effective Monday, May 24th, 2021, fully vaccinated volunteers will not be required to wear masks within our facilities although they may still do so if desired. We will still expect non fully vaccinated volunteers to continue to wear masks. There may also still be masking requirements for specific programs or events.  Please call South Franklin (801-691-5347) if you have any questions about which programs are currently requiring masks.